2014-07-20_TaikoNationGroup for webTaiko groups from Europe, South America, Japan, Australia and the U.S. participated in the 2014 World Taiko Gathering, held July 17 to 20 in Little Tokyo. Highlights included three “Taiko Nation” concerts Saturday and Sunday at the Aratani Theatre. Featured performers were Kagemusha Taiko (U.K.), Taro Kobayashi (Tokyo), TaikOz (Australia), Eiichi Sato (Sado), Kaoru Watanabe (New York), SenRai (Sendai) and TaikoProject (Los Angeles). Special guests included (front row, center) Eiichi Saito (Kodo), Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka (San Francisco Taiko Dojo), Kenny Endo (Taiko Center of the Pacific), Chieko Kojima (Kodo) and Tiffany Tamaribuchi (Sacramento Taiko Dan). Below: Masato Baba, project coordinator, leading WTG participants in “Tejime” during the closing event at the Aratani. The WTG also featured workshops, a youth program, discussion sessions, jam sessions, and the Taiko Marketplace. (Photos by Kim Nakashima)

world taiko gathering for web

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