I want my voice/opinion to be loud and clear. I oppose this new war venture in Syria.

The excuses to go into another country for their resources are clearly unconstitutional.

Mo Nishida (Densho)
Mo Nishida (Densho)

This country’s executive branch started going to war without a clear declaration since the “Korean police action.” The so-called “checks and balances” between the legislative, judiciary and executive branches no longer exist; they’re all controlled by the 1%. Look at the number of millionaires in the three branches, or how about another joke, the real differences between the Democrats and Republicans?

The wars only benefit the energy corporations and the military industrial complex, and none of these suckers are paying anywhere near their fair share of taxes either, in my opinion. The gap between the richest top 5% and the rest of us is ridiculous and growing, and it’s OK of course if you believe in divine right. I DON’T.

The Pentagon’s budget is ridiculous, their suppliers’ charges are crazy. Do you remember those hundreds of dollars for a toilet seat, for example? What happened to those crooks? And they want to tap Social security and other retirement funds. They should all go out and get a working person’s job, as far as I’m concerned.

To go and bomb another people, using drones, so your own soldier casualties are minimized, is not a real solution to anythang. And they lie! Man, do they lie.

Do I remember those weapons of mass destruction? Or how about going to “liberate” the women and girls? Do I think the new reasons that Obama states are real? NOT.

And in the mean time “they” keep attacking immigrants and now children, to keep our minds off of what they are really up to. Hope most of us remember that our ancestors were not born on the reservations, but came on boats, planes or walking, some “legal” and many not. The only difference is/was, we ain’t white. So what?

We need to make our voices heard, not just those who want the mainstream to like them as pets. In the camps, there were clearly dissident voices; now a half-century later, we are hearing about them. I don’t want to wait. If you feel like me, do something. Talk, write, sing, dance or come on out every fourth or last Friday of the month at 5 p.m. at the Sakura Crossing on San Pedro Street between 2nd and 3rd and join ol’ Tom and ol’ Mo, venting and showing the world that there’s some old buddhaheads who care about peace.

Kokoro kara, Mo Nishida

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