kimono3The Japan Fair was presented by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Orange County Japanese American Association, and Japanese American Cultural and Community Center on Nov. 1-2 at JACCC Plaza in Little Tokyo. Entertainment included a fashion show by L.A. Kimono Club (pictured), under the direction of Madame Fumi Akutagawa (second from left).

dancer-singerLeft: Japanese classical dance was performed by Tomoko Kosono (pictured), Tomoko Nagai and Bando Hiromiya. Right: Singer Shinoe Jinnouchi performed songs ranging from R&B to enka. Also featured were Japanese classical dance by Bando Mitsuhiro and Wakahisa Kai, minyo by Sasaki Mitsuru Sangenkai, kimono kitsuke by Nadeshiko Kai, shodo by Hiroko Ikuta, drumming by Makoto Taiko, Okinawan classical dance by Majikina Honryu Ryuon no Kai, kendo by Chuo Dojo, koto and Tsugaru jamisen by June Kuramoto’s students and Naoki Atkins, kenbu by Toudou Kai, J-pop by Arisa Safu Band and Stephanie Yanez, and singing by Orange County Friendship Choir and OC Doyo Kids Club.

emcee:ukuleleLeft: Noriko Tokuyama Chung and Howard Miyoshi served as emcees. Right: Ukulele musician Jason Arimoto from JACCC’s U-Space.

sunny seki2Sunny Seki signed copies of his children’s books based on Japanese folk tales.

origami2Visitors of all ages were taught how to fold origami. displayed kendama, a traditional Japanese toy, and the Kendama Club gave demonstrations.

hokkaido4Nagaimo (pictured), konnyaku and shirataki from Hokkaido were sold by Nanka Dosanko Kai. There were also vendors from Fukuoka, Ehime and Shizuoka.

takoyaki1Takoyaki by Tanota.

yakitori1Yakitori by Amami Kai.

Photos by J.K. YAMAMOTO/Rafu Shimpo


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