It is certainly a shame there are some people and a few of my friends who fear/dislike cats. When they tell me the reason or the unpleasant experience they had with a cat, it is understandable. However, I firmly believe that they are really the cause of the sad encounter.

One friend said a cat jumped from the floor and landed on her lap while she was seated. (The cat must have sat in that chair.) Another said a cat jumped on the wall above her head while she was standing by the door. (The cat might have been lying on the side of the door.)

I would like to stress cats really object when their “territory” is disrupted. They have a tendency to pace back and forth at a certain “spot” before they comfortably lie down. Needless to say, cats are very “definite” animals, but have “human” feelings.

Some people are allergic to cats, especially cats with long hair, which is unfortunate. I have seen friends’/relatives’ eyes water, become red and swollen and then they begin scratching different parts of their body as the face, neck, arms and legs. I am very sympathetic with people who are allergic to cats. Allergies can cause serious physical problems.

It is too bad or rather pathetic to fear/dislike cats, because cats make wonderful companions and/or roommates. Living alone, I have had one cat for three years, another one for 18 years and 3 months (honest!) and the present one since 2007.

They are extremely intelligent and very independent. They have a mind of their own. YOU don’t own a cat, the CAT owns you. I read somewhere: “A dog will come when called, but a cat will take your number and call you later.” There is humor in the previous sentence but it has more truth than prose.

One should always “greet” their cat. In other words, if you are in the living room and the cat comes in, say “Hello” with the cat’s name. Never ignore your cat.

When a cat repeatedly hears the same “phrase,” such as “Stay,” “Keep quiet,” “No-no,” or “Come here,” it will respond to the command. I call to Tika when I am in the living room and she is in the bedroom. IF she wants to, she will come into the living room, jump on the sofa and sit or lie beside me.

If I say to her, “Go nen-ne, Tika,” she will close her eyes and go to sleep.

When I am removing the discharge from her right eye and want to remove the discharge from her left eye, I will say, “Turn your head, Tika,” and she will turn her head. She puts one paw on my lap and sits very still while I am doing this. She is telling me she is grateful that I do this twice a day. (Himalayan cats have a tendency to have a discharge in their eyes.)

The litter box must always be kept clean; otherwise problems will arise. I recommend the “Scent-Free JONNY CAT ” for the litter box. Keep the litter box in the bathroom, if possible, and do not keep changing its place. Cats really object to changes and will let you know of their disapproval.

In regard to food, some owners feed their cat on a schedule, but I leave the food and water on the kitchen floor where Tika can eat at random. Cats will “starve” rather then eat something they don’t like. It’s amazing the different types of cat food on the market, but Tika really enjoys PURINA INDOOR cat food.

Cats are very loving and can be very affectionate. Tika comes by my side and licks my hand or rubs her ear against my hand when I am sitting on the sofa or lying in bed to let me know she loves me. When I am in the kitchen, she will come into the kitchen. When I go to the bedroom, she knows when I am going to sleep because I pull the bedspread off the bed. She knows my routine as well as I know it.

I had a serious operation and Tika was in the apartment by herself, being cared by a neighbor from April 18 until May 11, 2013. When I returned home on the 11th, Tika followed me to the dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom and bedroom for two continuous days. This was her way of saying she missed me as I missed her and not to leave her at length again.

If I come home late, she lets me know she is unhappy. I will greet her with, “Hi, Tika, I’m home.” She will turn her head, asking, “Why are you late?” (I can read her thoughts). Ordinarily, she looks at me and happily wags her tail or greets me with a soft “meow.”

I forget what I came into the living room for and stand there in the middle of the floor. If she is sleeping on the sofa, she will open one eye, look at me and actually SHAKE her head and go back to sleep. I have to laugh because I know exactly what she is thinking, “That Mom of mine is really losing it.”

Pet owners know that it is indeed expensive to have a pet because food, litter (for cats) and medical expenses can be very costly. One does not, however, have to be concerned about clothes or school supplies, ha.

It is interesting to note that there is NOWHERE in the Bible that mentions the word “cat.” Ain’t that something???!!!


Maggie Ishino is a Rafu typist and can be reached at Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.

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