Hey. How it is? [pause]. Don’t tell me [longer pause]. You don’t look so good, either.

Let’s start over. We talk, but in a one-way way. Time and space being at such a premium, I’ll rattle on for a bit and when I (pause), you can jump in.

= * =

Habits are hard to break. Even ones you don’t have to begin with.

After all that “Fresh Off the Boat” commentary last week, CR2S was set to watch the new ABC series in its regular Tuesday time slot. I figured it needed supporters, facing such stiff competition as CBS’ ratings leader “NCIS” and NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” Good intentions went to pot when I forgot to turn the television on at 8 p.m.

Fortunately there were enough inquisitives to make the show a mild success; maybe not smashing numbers but not bad. No recap is necessary since I’m sure you’ve all engaged in your own private critiques.

That’s good. (And let’s hope I remembered last night’s show time.) I guess not watching TV can be considered a *non-habit. Despite my lack of attention, it appears the follow-up audience was in a receptive mood. Most of the thumbs-downers were, no great surprise, Asian American. Probably because stereotypes don’t sit well with some, even when not really negative. “FOB” appears assured of concluding its initial run. How it maintains or grows in popularity remains to be seen. One email worthy of mention comes from a reader as opposed to a watcher: “Better entertainment is reading the memoir (under the same title),” she comments. “While not a literary work, (it is) provocative, profane, hilariously funny . . . (and) contrary to the t.v. portrayal, after you find out (Eddie’s) tough past in Taiwan, you better understand his methods of disciplining his sons.” She concludes by stating a preference reading original books over television (or motion picture) adaptations because too many liberties are taken to enhance the storyline. [I agree, but what do I know.]

[*For a non-watcher, CR2S has been tuning in on a whole lot of television lately. First it was the Grammys. Why? I guess it was in hopes of being surprised by a 2015 version of Adele. No such good fortune. Only hour after hour of shouting and screaming, protest and pouting.]

Then this past Sunday it was hours of “Saturday Night Live” nostalgia; NBC patting itself on the back for forty years of live entertainment. Well deserved. About half the time. With such a wide array of talent spread over four decades, it was impossible to satisfy everyone. My question regarding the status of SNL (lack of) diversity: Only whites and blacks have talent?

= * =

Still haven’t gotten my wheels back. Being without a car since before Christmas, I feel like a lost soul in prison. But I can no longer blame my insurance foot-draggers. My dependable ole Toyota, initially tabbed a total loss, was later deemed repairable when someone of authority noted the mileage (less than 43,000 on the odometer). So it was finally repaired but it still has to pass a smog check before I get humming on the freeway.

I never should have identified #3 (of four) grandson as the one behind the wheel in the accident. Poor guy. Especially being a first-time driver. Who hasn’t been in a fender-bender? I well remember my first crash embarrassment. Remember your first? But like falling off a bicycle, you get back up and pretty soon there’s another one. A third and then a fourth. Shoot, I completely totaled two cars and walked away from both. [But remember: When you have to take keys away from a loved one, be kind and understanding. Mobility is so important, whether legs or auto.]

= * =

Will admit to enjoying any kind of news involving *Asian Americans, but only when it’s positive: a new television program; political advancement (especially in Orange County); academic excellence; sports accomplishment (especially at high school level); acceptance of various cuisines; you know, the whole kit and caboodle. Of course, there is the cringe factor when media report concerns dastardly criminals and lawbreakers. Ugh. Made more so when mug shots of alleged culprits are shown. Currently in my email box is “Irene Yonemura,” the most recent con artist seeking funds from the gullible. And seniors, including CR2S, being threatened by a pseudo-IRS representative demanding payment of alleged back taxes or the threat of prosecution. [*Used to be restricted to only JAs, unsurprising knowing the strong CR2S ethnic bias. But since the well is running dry, I’ve expanded to all Asians.]

CR2S’s lament over the demise of the Nisei generation is a constant staple. And maybe wearing kind of thin with readers. Hate to admit but it’s getting harder for Whimpy to find new ways to whimper. Don’t imagine too many are worried, but I can’t help worrying who will turn out the lights and close the door on the second generation. And when?


W.T. Wimpy Hiroto can be reached at williamhiroto@att.net Opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.

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