Koyasan hoshi matsuriHoshi Matsuri marks the beginning of the spring season and was celebrated at the Koyasan Buddhist Temple on Feb. 1. Joining in to chase out evil spirits with roasted soybeans during Koyasan Buddhist Temple’s “Mame-maki” rite are (from left): Rev. Ryuzen Hayashi; Rev. Keishin Kako; the big sumo wrestler Yamamotoyama (550 pounds) from Japan, as Fuku-otoko; Bishop Emeritus Taisen Miyata of the temple; Tori Angela Nishinaka Leon, the Nisei Week Queen, as Fuku-onna; Kenneth T. Ito, the temple’s president; Ryoko Takata, Fujin-kai chairperson; and Brandon Paris, who behind the mask acted as the Oni.

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