As I read about the two Japanese hostages, one a liberal journalist and the other a mercenary, these thoughts came to my mind.

I also was reminded that another buddhahead was executed not too long ago, another aid worker. It seemed to me that there was this dramatic increase of Japanese in the “eye of the storm,” altho I think Japan has had aid workers, journalists and probably mercenaries in the Middle East a long time.

What I want to share is: As a lefty, my sources of gossip, whisperings and information have a different slant, altho it also includes all the mainstream b.s. that passes for the news. The basis for my train of thought starts with this one fact. The Japanese left has had a presence in the Middle East for a long time.

Fusako Shigenobu
Fusako Shigenobu

The Palestinian support faction of the Japanese Red Army (Nihon Sekigun) was led by a nurse, Ms. Shigenobu, who had recently returned to Japan and stood a much-publicized trial.

Sometimes referred to as the “Red Angel,” her group did health-related support work for the Palestine Liberation movement in a refugee camp and had gained much respect and solidarity amongst Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims.

After the recent invasion and occupation of southern Lebanon by Zionist armed forces of Israel, that support group may have been compromised. And now with Ms. Shigenobu doing time in Japan, that balance in the presence of the Japanese over there probably no longer exists.

Much of their credibility stems from their participation in the armed attack at Lod Airport, where many innocent Puerto Rican pilgrims were also killed. They received almost universal criticism for that blunder. However, for the Palestinians and the anti-Zionist Arabs, they became comrades and friends of the Palestinian anti-Zionist movement.

The Palestinian people, like the Indigenous (“Indian”) here, have always lived there in relative harmony with the area’s peoples (Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc.) — that is, until Europeans arrived, claiming that the land was given/promised to them by “God.” It seemed that the American, French and British governments agreed and supported the development of the Israeli Zionist state. Ever since then, the struggle for their land was on. And the two sides, oppressor and oppressed, have collided.

What I’ve tried to do is show that this particular conflict, as all of them are, ain’t simple. I believe the law of cause and effect has to be acknowledged and investigated, if one wants to know what’s happening for themselves. So, my conclusion is that the goodwill developed by Ms. Shigenobu and her group has run its course and Japanese over there are now probably seen as “fair game.”

Free the land and its people!

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