(Published Feb. 14, 2015)

Since I chatted about “retiring” I was amazed to receive so much mail on the issue.

The only thing that might have stunned me most was that I didn’t hear from Mike Komai, the publisher or (boss) of **The Rafu.** Since he owns and operates the publication, I thought if I had any thoughts of retiring, Mike would be among the first to respond.

Well, he did respond. We chatted for a while on the phone and after our conversation was over, I suddenly discovered that I wasn’t really that ready to hang ’em up, so starting with this column, I guess I’ll continue with the “Mouth.”

Don’t know if this will startle The Rafu’s staff.

I guess after 25 years of pounding out the “Mouth,” I should be relieved to think I might last a few more years.

I know Editor Gwen and her chief aides were encouraging me to keep pounding away on the keyboard so I guess if you are reading this, I am doing just that.

I appreciate all the mail I received about continuing my column. I’ll print two just to acknowledge the support I got over the last few days after I chatted about retiring.

First one is from Kiku Endo, who wrote:

“I was shocked and saddened to see the headline in the Saturday Rafu. I know that often in the past you’ve talked about hanging ’em up, but eventually it didn’t happen.

“My mom began subscribing to The Rafu soon after we moved to California from Ohio. She passed away some years ago but continued to subscribe. The main reason was because of your column. I’ve enjoyed reading your writing and hope that Editor Gwen will be able to persuade you to continue your writing.

“If this is truly ‘goodbye,’ then I wish you the best for the rest of your life. I will miss you.”

Thank you, Kiku.

This one is from Ted Maesaki, who wrote:

“Otsukare sama deshita.

“When people retire, one would say, ‘Congratulations.’ I don’t know if I should say to you ‘Congratulations,’ but in any event, enjoy your retirement life.

“I remember my dad used to read your column when you wrote for the Shin Nichi Bei and started reading you in Kashu Mainichi. That’s a long time ago.

“I started reading you in Kashu Mainichi. That’s a long time ago, too.

“Even though I don’t agree with you on some of the things you write, but this is besides the point. The fact that you write two full pages twice a week in The Rafu is quite a task.

“Once again, enjoy your retirement.”

I guess I could continue my chatter on and on for today, but since most of the readers concluded that I’ve retired, I’ll call it a day today and get back to my usual column again starting Tuesday, so hang in there with me.

In the meanwhile I have to say “Thanks” to Editor Gwen and her aides, Maggie and J.K.

Oh yeah, this is an afterthought. Maybe I’ll see you folks The Cal next week for the Las Vegas party by Al and Gerald Morita.

George Yoshinaga writes from Gardena and can be reached at horsesmouth2000@hotmail.com. Opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.

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