A Minor

Sunday, April 5th @ Rancho Dominguez Prep

12:00pm         OOS Quicksilver vs Tigers Red

1:30pm            MU Strokers vs Cubs

6:00pm            LGN Carriers vs Amadeus

7:30pm            Pasadena Warriors vs Mavericks



A Major

Sunday, April 5th @ Rancho Dominguez Prep

9:00am            Hollywood Dodgers Black vs Blue Storm

10:30am          the boyz entourage vs Westside Bears

3:00pm            Marina Tigers vs Rock Paper Scissors

4:30pm            FK Nursery vs TK Heat



A Plus

Sunday, April 5th @ Carson High School

10:30am          Grinders vs Permian Panthers

4:30pm            GI Quicksilver vs FOR Magic

6:00pm            Precise vs FOR North Torrance Optometry




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