Dear Editor,

I guess from the vitriol George Johnston provided in his editorial (Dec. 10), the incomplete quote from Donald Trump served its purpose. May I remind you that the remainder of the quote stated, “UNTIL OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON.”

No where in your diatribe did it mention the possibility that terrorists (yes,Islamic or Muslim, if the left can say the words) might be among the immigrants coming to America. Nor did you mention the follow-up questions to Trump and his answer that it is about public safety, not racism.

Now that we know jihad terrorism exists in our neighborhood that was undetected by the federal government, would you care to address those issues? If the feds and state officials stated that humanitarian issues overshadow public safety, I could understand their position. But when the governments of France, Belgium, and Norway are questioning the migration from the Middle East, you should also understand Trump’s position instead of questioning his national interest in Obama-esque fashion.

Have you noted that the Obama Administration cannot explain how these immigrants are going to be vetted with America’s best interests in mind? Nor what will happen when a terrorist is among the immigrants. I’m sure the GOP Congress will be blamed like they are now, but when executive action is being taken, what is your truth?

I also assume you have no explanation as to why Trump’s poll numbers continue to rise, and his media attention outnumbers all of the other GOP contenders combined. On the first, maybe there are more people thinking similar thoughts than you would believe. As for the latter, maybe your focus should be on his competition such as Ben Carson — oh, but the left already destroyed his campaign.

In short, the politicians, left and right, cannot handle the position of a non-politician who questions the status quo without regard to being PC. With Hillary fading, it does get scary…..

William G. Chinn

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