genie nakanothen there was you…
transparent like clear water
straight to my heart
you flowed through my veins
grafted onto my skin

seasons turn and fold
you are young with ideals
you must fight
serve your country
war of the world’s battles on…

there’s nothing I can do
you’ve made your decision
besides, I’m old enough
to be your mother
battles are fought by the young

I am here
not waiting, but living
looking up at clouds
there’s hope within
a new life born everyday

the young doe
smells the scent of hunters
it’s only a movie
yet I pray for her
and can’t stop crying

Genie Nakano is widely published in journals, and her recent books, Enter the Stream and Storyteller are available on Amazon. She teaches gentle yoga and tanka at the Japanese Cultural Center in Gardena. Genie can be reached by email.

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