rafu readersTokio (Tok) Chida is nearing his 92nd birthday. He’s also been a subscriber of The Rafu Shimpo for nearly a century.

Tok’s father Yasuo began taking The Rafu in 1914. After a four-year hiatus during World War II, Yasuo continued his subscription until his death in 1974. At that point, Tokio assumed his father’s subscription and has been a proud reader of The Rafu ever since.

For those not keeping track, that’s 97 years! This side-by-side photo shows Tokio in 2016 and Yasuo in 1914. Besides the obvious physical resemblance, both shared The Rafu in common. The Rafu loves and appreciates all of its subscribers and readers. Especially the long-time supporters. Every reader counts. Thank you, Tokio!

If you have any Rafu subscription stories/photos like this, please send them to jordanikeda@gmail.com.

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