cold tofu2Cold Tofu Improv’s Level 3 workshop is over. Come to the Level 3 Showcase on Wednesday, April 6, from 8 to 9:15 p.m. at St. Francis Xavier Church (Maryknoll), 222 Hewitt St. in Los Angeles, and see the students strut their stuff by playing a series of short-form games.

The showcase will be emceed by co-instructors Jully Lee and Shannon Wong and the performance will be accompanied by musician Howard Ho.

Level 3 cast: Andrew Choi, Calimay Pham, Gary Calvin, Michelle Wong, Priscilla Hsu, and Rachel Nishimura.

Following the showcase, the Cold Tofu company will also perform a set of short form games.

Cold Tofu company cast: Helen Ota, Jhemon Lee, Johnny Ye, Michael C. Palma, Ryan Okuda, Shannon Wong, Tony Garbanzos, and Quincy Surasmith.

Free admission. Suggested donation: $5.

Valet parking available on-site; enter from Third Street. $10 upon entrance; $7 refund with Cold Tofu validation. Limited street parking also available.

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