hb cbf1The Sister City Association of Huntington Beach presented the third annual Cherry Blossom Festival on March 20 at Central Park. Proceeds support the city’s student exchange program with Anjo, Aichi Prefecture. Above: The Little Tokyo Dance Club taught Obon dances to kids from the audience, using both traditional and contemporary songs.

hb cbf2Food vendors included Takoyaki Tanota (above), Ramen Burger, Samurai Burrito, Gaja Okonomiyaki, Sakurai Japanese Grill, OkiDoki/Meiji Noodle Restaurant (below), Echigoya, and VegiLicious.


mai no kaiPerformers included Japanese classical dance group Mai no Kai (above), Okinawan sanshin players Yuna and Tida (below), Kokoro Taiko, Fujima Ransei, Kineya Yasofujiko Kyooshitsu, and Nancy Hayata.

hb cbf4hb cbf3Francois Chau of Little Tokyo-based Matsubayashi Shorin-ryu breaks boards with a precise kick.

hb cbf6Venice Kendo Dojo, based at the Venice Japanese Community Center, gave a demonstration.

hb cbf5The Los Angeles Tanabata Festival brought colorful kazari and taught a workshop on making paper flowers.

sunny sekiAuthor/illustrator Sunny Seki explained the Daruma and other aspects of traditional Japanese culture.

orange coast gakuenOrange Coast Gakuen gave origami lessons.

historic wintersburgBarbara Haynes and Mary Urashima discuss the work of the Historic Wintersburg Preservation Task Force.

heritage sourceCarolyn Sanwo of Heritage Source sold books about Japan and Japanese Americans.

minyo stationMinyo Station, featuring Yu Ooka (guitar), Loryce Hashimoto (shamisen) and Natsu Summer Matsutoyo (vocals and kane), introduced its “jazzy style” Japanese folk music.

Photos by J.K. YAMAMOTO/Rafu Shimpo

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