delightersGardena Buddhist Church held its annual Fujimatsuri on April 30. Above: Entertainment included Delighters (jazz dance). Below: Gardena Buddhist Church’s own Isami Taiko.

isami taiko

hulaAlso performing were Kanahani Kalama Hula (pictured), Gardena Judo Group, Afuso Ryu Kenkyuu Choichi Kai (Okinawan music), Fujima Seiyumi Kai (Japanese classical dance), Kaizen Dojo (karate), Pom Pom Girls (cheerleading), and Ntyme (orchestral band).

dango lineDango was a popular item. Also on the menu were sushi, beef and chicken teriyaki, tamales, chili rice, hot dogs, Spam musubi and somen salad.

dango contestA dango-eating contest was held for the first time, with Adrienne Takahashi (left) emerging as the winner.

calligraphyRev. Nobuo Miyaji wrote visitors’ names in kanji.

country storeThe festival also featured a country store (above), games, and a plant sale (below). Nursery booth donors were ABC Nursery, C Stars Nursery, Centeno’s Nursery, Certified Growers, Garibaldo’s Nursery, H&H Nursery, Hawthorne Nursery, I.T. Nursery, Moneta Nursery, Okada Nursery, S.Y. Nursery, Sakioka Nursery, Sunflower Nursery, T.Y. Nursery, Unique Plant Rentals, United Plant Growers, and Yamada Co.

plant sale

Photos by J.K. YAMAMOTO/Rafu Shimpo

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