Rafu Staff Report

The man who barricaded himself inside the Shinyodo gift store in Little Tokyo’s Japanese Village Plaza on the night of July 3 and morning of July 4 is still in the Los Angeles County Jail Medical Ward, according to a detective with the LAPD’s Central Division.

The 45-year-old man, whose name has not been made public, will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon for wielding a sword and threatening a security guard, who was not injured.

Everyone was evacuated from the store and the suspect, who had threatened to kill himself, remained barricaded inside for eight and a half hours until police flushed him out with tear gas.

The suspect has not been arraigned because his self-inflicted injuries are “too severe,” the detective said. His court appearance has been set for July 19. The case is being handled by the Force Investigation Division.

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