SAN FRANCISCO — Japantown Chounaikai is hosting the fourth annual Osaka Matsuri in San Francisco Japantown, Post and Buchanan streets, on Saturday, Sept. 28, from 12 to 5 p.m.

Come and experience the culture of Osaka, San Francisco’s sister city in Japan, through dance, music, and food.


12:00 p.m.: 渦丸 Uzumaru and Ito Yosakoi 糸よさこい

12:40 p.m.: Opening ceremony

1:00 p.m.: Kyle Abbott

1:40 p.m.: Northern California Cherry Blossom Queen Program

1:50 p.m.: Mr. Osaka Contest

2:35 p.m.: Yamasho All Stars

3:30 p.m.: Michiya and Michisuya Hanayagi Japanese Dance Group (Nihon Buyou)

3:50 p.m.: San Francisco Awakko-ren (Awa Odori)

4:15 p.m.: Kawachi Ondo (led by Awakko-ren)

4:30 p.m.: Bon Odori (led by Michisuya Hanayagi)

4:50 p.m.: Closing ceremony

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