“Be Quiet,” a solo exhibition by Rob Sato, opens this Saturday and runs through Oct. 2 at the GR2 Gallery in West Los Ange­les. A reception is scheduled for Opening Night. Sato brings a new body of work that examines cloud patterns, abstracted human inter­actions, and fascinating colors.

GR2 Gallery is located at 2062 Sawtelle Blvd. Call (424) 246- 7626 or visit www.giantrobot.com for more information.

Based based in L.A., Sato is an artist and writer who makes complex, idiosyncratic work that explores diverse themes often related to time, memory and trans­formation. He is best known for his unique watercolor paintings and paper sculpture, working in an organic style that is both wildly loose and meticulously detailed.

Inventive and category-defy­ing, he layers autobiographical, historical, and fantastical narra­tives together to create thought-provoking works that traverse the realms of absurdity, humor, horror and beauty.


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