“Aiko 16-sai” with English subtitles airs Sunday, Oct. 27, on Ch. 44.1.

The 1983 Japanese film “Aiko 16-sai,” as well as the new drama series “La Grande Maison Tokyo” will be broadcast in the Los Angeles area on TV Japan Hollywood Network, which airs Japanese-language pro­grams throughout L.A. and Orange counties on KXLA, Channel 44.1.

“Aiko 16-sai” (Aiko, 16 Years Old) is a coming-of-age movie based on Akemi Hotta’s novel. Set in 1980s Nagoya, this humorous and bittersweet story centers around Aiko Mita (Yasuko Tomita), a high school student who has joined an archery club.

Directed by Akiyoshi Imazeki, the film features the music of Southern All Stars.

“Aiko 16-sai” with English sub­titles will air at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 27, to commemorate the 60th an­niversary of the Los Angeles-Nagoya sister-city affiliation.

The new drama series “La Grande Maison Tokyo” (English subtitled) will start from the following Sunday, Nov. 3, at 7 p.m.

Takuya Kimura’s first drama of the Reiwa era has him portraying a rule-breaking chef of French cuisine in this series about adults finding themselves. Kimura stars as Ohana, who has dedicated his life to cooking. With his natural talent, his restaurant in Paris is given two stars.However, his own pride leads to his downfall after a major incident that causes him to lose everything, including his store and friends.

Now down in the dumps, Ohana meets chef Rinko Hayami (Kyoka Suzuki) and decides to re-start his life as a chef. This story follows his ups and downs, where despite butting heads with the people around him, he cre­ates a world-class restaurant, La Grande Maison Tokyo.

The cast also includes Yuta Tamamori, Kikunosuke Onoe, Mit­suhiko Oikawa and Kazuki Sawa­mura

Programs on Ch. 44.1 are avail­able for free over the air, anywhere the broadcast signal can be re­ceived.

The station is also available on several cable providers; check with your cable company for more infor­mation.

Since filling the space left after longtime broadcaster UTB ceased operations, JHN had been broadcast­ing via KSCI Ch-18.1 until March of the year. Due to viewer demand, JHN consolidated the Japanese program­ming on Ch. 44.1, where news from Japan can be seen every weekday morning.

The Sunday night JHN schedule normally begins at 6:30 p.m. with Kempo TV and features the comedy variety show “Bananaman’s Gotcha Gourmet!” and the longtime police drama “Aibo” (Partners).

JHN also airs the annual “Ko­haku” Red and White Music Festival on New Year’s Eve.

The special presentation of “Aiko 16-sai” begins a half-hour earlier than the usual broadcast start time.

For complete schedules and more information, visit the JHN website at www.jhollywoodnet.com.

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