SAN FRANCISCO — The Nakayoshi Udon Holiday Party will be held on Saturday, Dec. 14, from 6 to 9 p.m. at Konko Church, 1755 Laguna St. (at Bush) in San Francisco Japantown.

This year’s holiday party will also be a fundraiser for the Nichi Bei Foundation. Your ticket purchase will help support all three organizations. Also sponsored by JET Alumni Association of Northern California. Come meet new friends in the Japantown community, learn about the different orgs, eat and mingle.

Prepare your stomachs for all-you-can-eat udon and toppings for $15 prepaid, $20 at the door. For reservations, click here.

Nakayoshi (close friends) is a group in the Bay Area for young professionals. It’s for recent college grads who miss the spirit of activism and sense of camaraderie they enjoyed back on campus in their student orgs.

Bottles of Japanese sake from Iwate, Ibaraki, Kyoto and Niigata will also be available for sale through local retailer Kenshin Sake (

Pre-order your bottle of sake with discount code “UDON_TIME” at checkout. This waives the typical shipping fee and ensures that your bottle will be ready for pickup at the event. If you have any questions about ordering sake, email

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