Matsutoyo Kai will present the 49th Beikoku Kohaku Utagassen (紅白歌合戦), a Japanese music festival, on Sunday, Jan. 5, from 1 to 4 p.m. at Nishi Hongwanji Betsuin, 815 E. First St. in Little Tokyo.

Artists from all over California and Nevada will share their style of Japanese pop, enka, minyo, and much more. Performers will include:

Shamisen — Matsutoyo Aoi, Matsutoyo Miki, Matsotoyo Kana, Matsutoyo Ryo, Matsutoyo Mari, Matsutoyo Kazue

Taiko — Matsutoyo Chie

Odori — Matsutoyo Hiro, Matsutoyo Iori

Hayashi — Toshie Fujita

Vocals — Matsutoyo Sei, Marisa Kosugi

Singers will be divided into competing teams. The red team or akagumi (赤組) is composed of all females, while the white team or shirogumi (白組) is all male. At the end of the show, judges and the audience vote to decide which team performed better.

To reserve your seats, click here. Tickets are $15 plus service fee. Your contribution goes toward supporting Nishi Hongwanji.

This event’s 50th year in 2021 will be the final Kohaku event.

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