An exhibition by Keita Matsunaga at Nonaka-Hill, 720 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles, closes on Saturday, Jan. 25.

Born in Tajimi, an area well known for ceramics, in 1986, Matsunaga lives and works in both Tajimi and Kani in Gifu Prefecture. His ceramic sculptures are a contemporary take on organic forms, inspired by shapes and textures found in nature. Even at a young age, his comprehension of glaze is apparent, seen in the fearless color schemes found on each work.

Changing method with each body of work, his evolving artistic practice is indicative of his education – an impressive dedication to keep learning. Matsunaga’s work has its roots in Japanese ceramic tradition but is finished with unexpected detail and technique, resulting in a look that is decisively his own.

Also closing: “The Work of Kisho Kurokawa:: Capsule, Metabolism, Spaceframe, Metamorphose” (architectural monograph).

Hours: 12-8 p.m. Info: (323) 450-9409,

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