SAN JOSE — The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office has created a public service announcement in response to increasing reports of anti-Asian hate crimes motivated by the belief that Asians are carriers of the coronavirus.

The video features speakers of different ethnicities, starting with Supervising Deputy District Attorney Charlotte Chang, who says, “This is not a Chinese virus.”

Deputy District Attorney Mattia Corsiglia: “This is not an Italian virus.”

Deputy District Attorney Cheri Hawkins: “Viruses do not have ethnicities, religion, sexuality, or gender.”

Community Prosecutor Hugo Meza: “But our community does.”

District Attorney Jeff Rosen: “And if you hurt or threaten someone because of those things, you’ll have a lot more to worry about than COVID-19. When you attack a member of our community because of their ethnicity, the color of their skin, or where you think someone is from …”

All: “Then you have attacked us all.”

The video closes with this message: “If you are a victim of a hate crime or see one happening, call your local law enforcement.”

Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish versions of the PSA will be available soon.

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  1. I wish they’d shown as much concern when Antigua thugs were physically assaulting, frequently with deadly weapons, conservatives and libertarians. Oh, but a cashier made a stupid, but non-threatening remark (that got her fired)? This shall not stand!