Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance), his wife, Hiroko Higuchi, and their daughter, Sophia, with retired figure skater Michelle Kwan at a rally in Torrance for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday.

“Uncle Joe is the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump,” Muratsuchi said.

California will award the most delegates in the Super Tuesday primaries on March 3, which may help determine who the Democratic nominee will be.

Kwan, a native of Torrance, is a two-time Olympic medalist, five-time world champion and nine-time U.S. champion. She has worked for the State Department, supported Hillary Clinton in the last election, and joined the former vice president’s campaign team last year.

“He’s the candidate that I’m proud to support because he will do what it takes to restore the soul of this nation, rebuild the backbone of the country, and unify America,” Kwan said at the time.

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