WASHINGTON – Following a three-year labor of love, the National Veterans Network is proud to announce the names of the more than 100 Japanese American World War II soldiers whose individual or collective stories will present their dedicated service to the U.S. through exhibits inside the National Museum of the U.S. Army.

From 2017-2019, the NVN worked closely with the National Museum of the U.S. Army to incorporate the service of the Nisei soldiers of the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team and Military Intelligence Service. The NVN lad the development of the historical content for the Nisei Soldier exhibit, Soldiers Stories Gallery and Army & Society Gallery Timeline exhibit.

Over 90 soldiers’ oral histories, photos and 26 objects of the 100th, 442nd and MIS will be represented in four areas of the museum in order to represent the overall experience of the Japanese American soldiers in World War II. In preparation for the opening, the NVN is seeking the next of kin contact information for a number of veterans who are noted below with an asterisk. If you are a family member or friend of the family, email info@nationalveteransnetwork.com.

The WWII Japanese American soldiers included are (in alphabetical order by unit):

Alfred Arakaki, 100th*

Mitsuyoshi Fukuda, 100th

Makoto Hashimoto, 100th*

Shigeru Inouye, 100th

Warren Iwai, 100th*

Stanley Izumigawa, 100th

Yeiki Kobashigawa, 100th

Takeichi Miyashiro, 100th

Kaoru Moto, 100th

Sadao Munemori, 100th

Calvin Shimogaki, 100th

Sakae Takahashi, 100th

Gary K. Uchida, 100th

Thomas Yamanaga, 100th

Henry Hank Yoshitake, 100th

Young Oak Kim, 100th officer

Bert Nishimura, 100th/442nd*

Marty Higgins, 141st Infantry

Harry Huberth, 141st Infantry*

Al Tortalano, 141st Infantry*

Nelson Akagi, 442nd

Masato Doi, 442nd*

Kenji Ego, 442nd

Kiyoshi “Bones” Fujimoto, 442nd*

Howard Hanamura, 442nd*

Norman Ikari, 442nd

Sen. Daniel Inouye, 442nd

Susumu Ito, 442nd

Art Iwasaki, 442nd

Victor Izui, 442nd*

Hiroshi Kaku, 442nd

Enoch Kanaya, 442nd

Genro Kashiwa, 442nd

Dave Kawagoye, 442nd

Shig Kizuka, 442nd

Shinyei “Rocky” Matayoshi, 442nd

James Mitsumori, 442nd*

Jimmy Mizote, 442nd

Frank Mizufuka, 442nd

George Morihiro, 442nd

Henry Nakada, 442nd*

Roy Nishio, 442nd*

Carl Saito, 442nd

Lawson Sakai, 442nd

George Sakato, 442nd

Matsuji “Mutt” Sakumoto, 442nd

Takashi Senzaki, 442nd

Terry Shima, 442nd

Jim Tazoi, 442nd

Charles Ujifusa, 442nd

Jim Yamashita, 442nd*

Joseph Yasutake, 442nd*

William Yasutake, 442nd*

Joseph Ichiuji, 442nd/552nd

Ed Ichiyama, 442nd/552nd

George Oiye, 442nd/552nd*

Tadashi Tojo, 442nd/552nd

Ted Tsukiyama, 442nd/MIS

Robert Foote, 442nd officer*

Christopher Keegan, 442nd officer*

Harold Okimoto, 442nd/522nd

Ben Kuroki, Army Air Forces

Harry Akune, MIS*

George Aratani, MIS

Harry Fukuhara, MIS

Howard Furumoto, MIS

Masami Hayashi, MIS

Grant Ichikawa, MIS

Arthur Ishimoto, MIS

George T. Ito, MIS

Kenzo Robert Koike, MIS*

Shinyei “Rocky” Matayoshi, MIS

Roy Matsumoto, MIS

Tom Sakamoto, MIS

Susumu Toyoda, MIS

Kazuo Yamane, MIS

Ralph Yempuku, MIS

Terry Nakanishi, Nisei WAC

Chizuko Shinagawa, Nisei WAC*

Dick Hamada, OSS*

Vince Okamoto, Vietnam War

Harry Akune, MIS

Howard Furumoto, MIS

Ben Honda, MIS

Rusty Kimura, MIS*

Hoiichi Kubo, MIS

Roy Matsumoto, MIS

Charles  Moriyama, MIS

Reynold Muranaka, MIS*

Kunihiro Pete Nakao, MIS*

Victor Nishijima, MIS

Donald Okubo, MIS

Barry Saiki, MIS

Tom Sakamoto, MIS

Kan Tagami, MIS

Fred Tanakatsubo, MIS

Susumu Toyoda, MIS*

Roy Uyehata, MIS

Gordon Yamada, MIS

Herbert Yanamura, MIS

Following the Congressional Gold Medal bestowment on the 100th, 442nd and MIS in 2011, the Nisei Soldier exhibit in the National Museum of the U.S. Army is a significant national recognition for the Nisei soldiers. Originally scheduled to open on June 2, 2020, the museum of has postponed the opening of its 84-acre site in Fort Belvoir, Va., built to honor American soldiers and preserve the 240-year history of the Army.

Interested individuals can stay updated on the Nisei Soldier exhibit at NMUSA by signing up for the NVN Newsletter. For sponsorship opportunities for the opening of the exhibits, contact the NVN at info@nationalveteransnetwork.com.

About National Veterans Network

NVN is a consortium of organizations and individuals dedicated to educating the nation on the Japanese American WWII experience. The network launched the campaign to award the Congressional Gold Medal to the first Asian American recipients in the 100th, 442nd and MIS units, and worked with the U.S. Mint to design the medal. In 2012, they partnered with the National Museum of American History and the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service for a seven-city tour to promote recognition of the Japanese American experience. In 2016, along with the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center and Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, NVN launched an online digital exhibition to share the story of Japanese American soldiers of WWII (cgm.smithsonianapa.org).

NVN’s mission is to preserve, educate and advocate how the Nisei soldiers’ loyalty, courage, and patriotism embody American values and shape future decisions about justice and equality in a democracy. Visit www.nationalveteransnetwork.com and follow the NVN on Facebook (NationalVeteransNetwork), Twitter (@NtlVetNetwork) or Instagram (nationalveteransnetwork).

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