This photo was posted on RIF-LA’s Instagram with the following message: “I’m sorry, San Francisco. Can’t bounce back from this one.”

Rafu Staff Report

SAN FRANCISCO — RIF San Francisco, a sneaker consignment shop located at 1630 Post St. in San Francisco Japantown, has announced that it is closing.

(Photo courtesy Japantown Community Benefit District)

A sign on the door reads, “Due to unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19 AND multiple looting, we are permanently closed. (ALL merchandise are stolen and there’s nothing left!) Please leave this property alone.”

RIF-SF was the only Japantown business targeted by looters during protests following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Super Mira, a grocery store on Sutter and Buchanan streets, was broken into prior to the protests.

“It’s a sad day when small businesses have to shut their doors for good as a result of the unnecessary looting that took place over the last few days,” commented Grace Horikiri, executive director of the Japantown Community Benefit District..

RIF-SF was opened in 2015 by Jeff Malabanan, co-owner and president of RIF-LA in Little Tokyo. The Los Angeles store was also looted during the week after Floyd’s death but will remain in business.

Malabanan posted the following on Instagram: “For the past 14 years it has only been me and my partner. No investors, just two Filipinos with a dream. We try to stay behind the scenes, stay in our lane, and serve those in need, including our neighbors at Skid Row. who have always been a part of our shop.

“We are not angry to what happened to us because we know there are still bigger issues the black community face every day. There is still so much we need to do for our voices to be heard, respect to be given, hate to be washed away. My only hope is for our youth to find proper guidance and spread awareness in ways businesses can save their livelihood and continue to feed their families.

“DTLA/Little Tokyo has served as a pilar for diversity for all races and we are honored for this place to be called our home. We wish we could’ve been in San Francisco more to serve the beautiful community that stands there. But after five years, we may have to say goodbye for now. We cannot recover everything that was recently lost to us in S.F., while restoring our hometeam here in L.A.

“We thank everyone who has been with us throughout our journey and look forward to serving our sneaker family once again here in L.A. Thank you for all the support.”

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