The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles will be delivering a Japanese dance performance directly to your room, virtually.

Yo Nakamura, who is a marvelous contemporary dancer/choreographer, will be performing to challenge your body and mind.

Her stage is full of freedom of expression, including some comical skits, emotional shouting, talking, drawing, and so much more. She boldly mixes her dynamic physical movements with a variety of pop music and other random forms of artwork.

This is going to be her first performance in front of an American audience over her 10-year career. She has been invited and performed in Europe and Asia several times, and has participated in an Avril Lavigne music video.

This is a rare opportunity for you to see a live performance by a Japanese artist. It has been months since most theaters in this country have been closed and people are unable to travel internationally.

During this challenging time, JFLA is proud to virtually connect you and bring Nakamura to audiences here in the states, and to reach out to those who currently live far away from theaters by bringing her artistry into your home. This is something you don’t want to miss.

Online event:

JFLA will host a Q&A session and after-party through Zoom immediately following the performance. Registration is required for the after-performance event. Register here:

Visit the link below to view her previous performances just for U.S. audiences.

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