The Los Angeles Tanabata Festival Committee would first like to thank everyone for their patience and support during the pandemic. We are proud to have positively affected the greater Los Angeles area and global community through our efforts and have enjoyed meeting, teaching, crafting and dialoguing with everyone.

Colorful kazari are the highlight of the Tanabata Festival.

We have sorely missed seeing everyone during our usual workshops, Cherry Blossom Festival appearances and special events. We are a part of a very vibrant community that brings culture and beauty into the world and appreciate all of our supporters and followers. We are thankful to be based in Little Tokyo and cherish our neighbors and historic relevance.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce we must cancel the 2020 Los Angeles Tanabata Festival as we are following the latest news from under the Nisei Week Japanese Festival umbrella. Nisei Week is the framework from which we build our event; so as Nisei Week has been cancelled, we will cancel the LATF as well.

We strive to maintain safety as our number one priority and we do not want to put anyone at risk. Our mission is to be an event that attracts multi-generations and we want to ensure we will see great-grandchildren all the way to great-grandparents at our future events!

We plan to come back for 2021 with stronger spirits and even more beautiful kazari!

Please check our website for our latest information. Stay healthy and safe. We cannot wait to see you all again!

The Los Angeles Tanabata Committee (

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