SAN DIEGO — Naruwan Taiko posted the following message on Aug. 1.


Today would have been San Diego Obon and while we certainly miss it so so much this year, it’s been fun to take a pause and look back at past Obon performances, as we often seem to be go go go towards the next big thing.

Our final shared video today is also the piece that we almost always finish every set with: “Release!” Written by Diana Wu in 2008, “Release” represents everything of what taiko is to Naruwan: a place to discover and let free your full energy, to amplify it through taiko and voice, to share and combine it with your team’s and your audience’s energy, and just fill the space with an incredible sense of connection and community.

The piece hasn’t changed much as far as structure goes, and though it is the most performed piece in our repertoire, the vibe never feels quite the same as the last time it is performed. Each person that plays it brings a whole new energy each time, and that energy will even change and evolve, representing each new person we connect with and experiences gained as our taiko journey continues. In this sense, this piece continues to evoke excitement for even ourselves every time.

We look forward to more of these encounters even during these times, as nothing will stand in our way of continuing to discover ourselves and to connect with the community.


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