A press event and caravan are planned for Tuesday, Jan. 26, at 11 a.m. at 325 S. Boyle Ave. in Los Angeles to protest the eviction of seniors from the Sakura Gardens Intermediate Care Facility.

The action is organized by Save Our Seniors, a volunteer grassroots group of healthcare advocates, and family and friends of the residents.

“Pacifica Companies, international developers, want to convert a nursing home into apartments and kick out the tenants,” event organizers said. “Mostly Japanese and Japanese American women in their 80s and 90s.

“The former nonprofit Keiro nursing homes were sold to for-profit Pacifica five years ago. Pacifica had to continue bilingual-bicultural services and keep healthcare delivery the same for five years. This expires on Feb. 1, 2021.

“The seniors deserve an extension. Pacifica broke their promises: bilingual-bicultural staff was reduced; low-income Medi-Cal beds were cut back; fake ‘rent subsidies’ were allegedly given to tenants, among other violations.

“The hard work and compassion of the staff and workers tried to keep up patient care despite the lack of resources.

“Pacifica: Extend the five-year commitment to continue bilingual-bicultural services and not change, reduce services or kick out people from the ICF. We will not allow our seniors’ lives to be put at risk!

“Boyle Heights was once a thriving immigrant community in which the iconic Keiro nursing homes were the only bilingual-bicultural resource for 50 years. Now it is home to the Latinx community and the target of gentrification by many large corporations, including Pacifica. The Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council has opposed Pacifica’s plans and stands with the Japanese community. Together we can stop the replacement of the nursing homes and slow down the gentrification of Boyle Heights.”

Masks are mandatory and social distances will be enforced. The limited number of speakers in protective outfits will access/exit in isolation. Supporters are asked to remain in their cars while circulating or parked.

For more information, email: saveourseniors@progressiveasians.org

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