A play reading of “Setting the Table” by Velina Hasu Houston will be presented free online on Friday, Jan. 22, at 7 p.m. PST.

This is the first reading in The Road Theatre’s Playwright Unit’s Under Construction Series.

A young Japanese immigrant becomes responsible for two Black teenagers in the Midwest when her new husband dies. Eschewed by her stepchildren and haunted by her past, she strives to come to grips with life in the United States.

Cast: Shuko Akune, Merrick McCartha, Geoff Rivas, Nicole Royster, Zine Tseng, Blake Young-Fountain and Kara Hume (stage directions). Directed by Stewart J. Zully.

Streaming platforms:



http://youtube.com/roadtheatrecompany/live (available on YouTube until Feb. 12)


Houston is a distinguished professor, director of dramatic writing, and resident playwright at USC. She is best known for her play “Tea,” which portrays the lives of Japanese war brides who move to the U.S. with their American servicemen husbands. (www.velinahasuhouston.com)

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