Local racing historian and driver Ernie Nagamatsu will be the special guest on an episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage,” the talk show host’s popular program geared toward auto enthusaists.

Featured will be Nagamatsu’s leg­endary 1959 “Old Yeller II” Buick Special. The program will be available via YouTube starting May 17.

Nagamatsu had words of praise for Leno, who issued an apology for jokes made ear­lier in his career at the expense of Asians.

“Jay Leno is a most considerate, noted personality and always makes people feel important,” Nagamatsu wrote. “His apology to the Asian community was sincere from my POV.”

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  1. I don’t think that Ernie Nakamatsu should speak for Chinese Americans. Did he ask them? Does he represent ALL Asians? He is a retired Dentist from the Los Feliz area and his only claim to fame was to purchase an old car. Periodically “race it”. That car in the photo, “Old Yeller”. Other than that, what has he done for the asian community? He should not try to represent the asian community. And I have not heard of a formal apology from Jay Leno, either.