Cafe Demitasse announced on April 25 that they will be closing their Little Tokyo location on Sunday, May 2.

In a post on Instagram, Café Demitasse stated: “This little corner of the block will always have a special place in our hearts: from our talented baristas and every unique drink we’ve ever created, to all our wonderful patrons who we’ve gotten to know and love over the years, we are so thankful for every connection we’ve made and every experience we’ve had.”

The coffee shop, which opened in August 2011, specializes in small-batch, high-quality brews of coffee, espresso and tea that earned a loyal following. Café Demitasse still maintains a location in Santa Monica.

In a 2019 interview with The Rafu Shimpo, owner Bobak Roshan expressed his support for Little Tokyo, including projects such as the Windows of Little Tokyo community art project and the Bokashi Club composting project.

“Little Tokyo checked all of the boxes — the space was unique, the size wasn’t too big, it’s in the middle of so many people,” Roshan said.

Earlier this year, Café Demitasse was one of the businesses victimized in a series of window breakings in the neighborhood.

In their Instagram post, the coffee shop invited the public to enjoy one more good cuppa joe with the self-described “coffee geeks.” “We’d love to celebrate one last time and have a part the first weekend of May to come together to reminisce and say goodbye … Let’s go out with a bang and party hard!”

Café Demitasse is located at 135 S. San Pedro St. in Little Tokyo. More information at

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  1. For months I have not seen a status update on Sakura Gardens or the Keiro Retirement Home. Before there were many articles by the Rafu Shimpo. My family donated several dollars and knew the individuals who started the Keiro organization. Also, I have a relative there now. Please provide us with a status update. Thank you.