PASADENA — In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, Pasadena Heritage presents “Japanese American Stories from Pasadena” on Sunday, May 23, from 2 to 3 p.m.

The speakers are Susie Ling, professor of history and Asian American studies at Pasadena City College, and Bryan Takeda, who was raised in Pasadena and is the founder of Kansha Pasadena, which strives to honor, preserve, and share the unique history and culture of Japanese Americans in the greater Pasadena area by researching and documenting family histories, personal stories, cultural sites and historic buildings.

This presentation is free but a $15 donation per household is suggested. Your donations will help support Pasadena Heritage’s education and advocacy efforts. Register here:

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  1. Am Sansei, interned at Amache Camp. I was born June 1041 in Torrance, California. Spent three years. San Anita Racetrack and camp. My mother left everyone and took me to live in NYC. I only spoke Japanese. My life was totally altered.