On June 15, Sakura (formerly Keiro) Intermediate Care Facility Administrator Beverly Ito announced that new 60-day notices must be reissued, and the original July 20 planned closure date must be extended to August.

Pacifica failed to ensure that each resident’s attending physician complete the required medical assessment prior to issuing the 60-day notices of transfer, as required by law. The eviction notices were sent to Sakura ICF families on May 19, telling them to clear out by July 20.

These assessments must include an assessment of the resident’s susceptibility to adverse health consequences, including psychosocial effects, recommendations for counseling, follow-up visits, other recommended services by designated health professionals, and for preventing or ameliorating potential adverse consequences in the event of a transfer.

A complaint submitted by California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR), who Save Our Seniors Network (SOS) brought on to provide legal help and to form the ICF Family Council, initiated the investigation of the improper evictions and notices.

“This stall of the evictions buys time to pass AB 279. It also places economic pressure on Pacifica from rising construction costs to build their apartments with many future delays in the works. Pacifica should work with the families and community for alternatives to house as many as possible at their Boyle Heights facilities,” stated David Monkawa, co-chair of SOS.

Traci Imamura of SOS and Mike Dark of CANHR jointly filed a complaint to the California Department of Public Health when 11 staff, about 20 percent of the ICF staff, were laid off abruptly last month.

“Such a large proportion of staff layoffs is negatively impacting the remaining residents and staff,” said Imamura.

The complaint was substantiated by the Public Health Department and Pacifica was cited.

CANHR submitted a complaint directly to CDPH executive management that the facility was improperly laying off staff, failing to provide recreation for residents, and misleading residents about the facility’s ability to pull staff on July 20.

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