Lam Hong Le rally participants outside of the California State Capitol. (Photo by Kim Miyoshi)

Tsuru for Solidarity posted the following update on June 9:

“Tsuru for Solidarity ctivists joined Southeast Asian Resource Action Center (SEARAC), Sacramento Immigration Coalition, Japanese Americans for Justice, Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, Detention Watch Network, and other organizations in gathering at the California State Capitol on Thursday, June 3, to demand Gov. (Gavin) Newsom grant a pardon for Lam Hong Le, a beloved Tsuru member and former child refugee from Vietnam who is in imminent danger of being deported by ICE.

“Activists brought 20,000 paper cranes, handpainted signs, taiko drums, and giant cranes on bamboo poles to amplify their support of Lam Le’s pardon. As a result of community pressure, Lam’s June 7 ICE check-in was by phone, and he does not have to check in for another three months! Thank you for the huge out-pouring of support!

“To learn more about our rally, please check out the livestream recording and our blog post. To join the fight for Lam, please sign our petition to demand that Gov. Newsom issue a direct pardon and #StopICETransfers.”

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