Hiroshima. From left: Kimo Cornwell (piano, keyboards, synthesizers), Land Richards (drums, percussion), June Kuramoto (koto), Dean Cortez (bass), Dan Kuramoto (sax, flute, shakuhachi, keyboards, percussion). (Photo by Ken Fong)


After the surreal events of the last year and a half, we are attempting to begin our 40th Anniversary Tour. We all got off to a pretty rough start.

We realize that though most of us have received the vaccine, there are concerns — we exercise precautions as well — so with a bit of trepidation we invite you to join us at Yoshi’s Friday and Saturday, Aug. 20 and 21.

Our plan is to debut our new CD, “2020,” which is our first new music project since 2013. We’ll have the CD (which we think is pretty different), some new songs, and an evening we can all enjoy. BUT, we invite you to do what you feel. Again, we’ll be looking to have a cautious but emerging re-connection. Seems like it’s time.

Having said that, we’d just like to acknowledge the incredible support we’ve received for 40+ years from you all and wish you health, joy and a sustainable planet.

Four shows only: Aug. 20 at 8 and 10 p.m.; Aug. 21 at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. Best ticket availability for the late show.

Yoshi’s, 510 Embarcadero West, Oakland, CA 94607. Phone: (510) 238-9200

Tickets: https://yoshis.com/events/sold-out/hiroshima-2/detail

Info: https://yoshis.com/events/default/calendar

For tour and CD information: www.hiroshimamusic.com

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