Smoke Tokes, a company that sells and distributes wholesale cannabis smoking as well as paraphernalia used for vaping, remains on probation following an Aug. 13 Los Angeles Superior Court appearance in connection with the major explosion and fire that occurred in May 2020 at 327 Boyd St. just south of Little Tokyo.

Representatives of Smokes Tokes appeared in court along with five other defendants. Under the terms of the probation, they are ordered to cease operations at the location of the fire; must remain in compliance with the fire and building regulations at the remaining properties they own or operate; are not to have any violations at any other locations in the future; and must submit to inspections and inform the L.A. Fire Department and the Building and Safety Department if they intend to modify any buildings. 

It’s the second time Smoke Tokes has been cited in connection with a major downtown fire. The first occurred in September 2016 when Smoke Tokes was located on South San Pedro Street between Third and Fourth streets.

The next court appearance for the defendants is set for Sept. 17.

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