“Hinazuru Sambaso” (Nagauta) with Bando Hirosuzu, Bando Hidesomi, Bando Hiromiya

The Nihon Buyo Kai of California is pleased to announce virtual autumn Japanese classical dance performances from Oct. 17 to 23.

This program, which is about 70 minutes long, will be hosted free of charge on the website (https://nihonbuyokai.org/virtual-dance-program/) and is presented by Nihon Buyo Kai, a charitable nonprofit organization established in 2012, whose mission is to present and promote Nihon buyo.

Due to the current climate of social distancing and safety precautions, the Nihon Buyo Kai Board of Directors decided that instead of in-person presentations of past programming, they would feature four videos of past performances with dancers from local Bando and Wakayagi Kai schools. The selections include four genres of Japanese traditional music and a variety of types of dances.

Viewers can enjoy: “Hinazuru Sambaso” (Nagauta) by dancers Bando Hidesomi, Bando Hirosuzu, and Bando Hiromiya; “Soshun” (Yamatogaku) by dancers Bando Mitsuhiro and Bando Hidesomi; “Seigaiha” (Kiyomoto) by dancers Wakayagi Hisame and Wakayagi Sumika; and “Tsuri Onna” (Tokiwazu) with dancers Bando Mitsuhiro, Bando Wakatsuye, Bando Hidesomi, and Bando Hiromasaya.

“Seigaiha” (Kiyomoto) with Wakayagi Hisame, Wakayagi Sumika

The seven board members of Nihon Buyo Kai are volunteers who are passionate about carrying on the legacy of the late Bando Mitsuhiro, their “Oshishosan,” from whom they studied before her passing in 2016, and whose dream was to promote Japanese dance throughout the U.S. 

Visit the organization’s website, https://nihonbuyokai.org, and enjoy the gallery of photos from past presentations and a tribute to past trailblazers of Nihon buyo, as well as its Facebook and Instagram pages.

“Tsuri Onna” (Tokiwazu) with Bando Mitsuhiro, Bando Hiromasaya

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