Tennis star Naomi Osaka appeared in an episode of “Sesame Street” that aired on Jan. 6.

Osaka previously appeared on “See Us Coming Together,” a “Sesame Street” special celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander cultures.

In her latest appearance, Osaka and a character named Super Sunscreen talk to Elmo and friends about the importance of wearing a visor and using sunscreen. When Gabrielle, a Black muppet, asks if she needs to take precautions, Osaka says that people with darker skin must also practice sun safety.

While melanin provides some protection from sun damage, she explains, sunscreen and visors act as “good melanin helpers.” When everyone has donned visors and applied sunscreen, Osaka gives them a tennis lesson.

“I have worked with many talented people in my career, but sharing the stage with Elmo and his friends on ‘Sesame Street’ was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me,” Osaka said.

Osaka has launched Kinlò, a line of sun care products “to protect people with melanated skin.” She has said that she wants to “dispel the myth that just because you have dark skin and don’t burn means you don’t need to take care of and protect that skin.”

The episode can be seen on HBO Max and Osaka’s segment can be seen on “Sesame Street’s” YouTube channel.

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