Ori-gen, a new company with a mission to sustain legacy businesses, has launched this month.

The company aims to advance diverse communities by providing tools and resources to businesses in the insurance and financial services industries looking to continue their legacies into future generations.

A joint venture by The J. Morey Company, Inc. Insurance Agents & Brokers and Alliance 360° Insurance Solutions, ori-gen will provide partner agencies with support through insurance, mergers and acquisitions, equitable resources, community partnerships, and more.

“When I think about the future, I have to remember the past,” shares Joshua Morey, chairperson of ori-gen and second-generation owner and president of The J. Morey Company. “As I look back on the legacies of those who have gone before me, I have deep-rooted gratitude for the opportunity to even dream of what’s to come. Through the vehicle of insurance, I hope to continue the legacies of diverse communities throughout America and amplify these voices for the next generation.”

As minority-owned and operated companies, the unique histories and backgrounds of each founding partner allowed the ori-gen leadership team to recognize a need within the industry.

“We had a shared vision of bringing together local and regional insurance agencies of like mind and values,” explains Nori Nishida, CEO of ori-gen and president of Alliance 360° Insurance Solutions. “ori-gen’s efforts will create stronger communities through the alliance of diverse agencies, while preserving their rich histories and continuing their legacies. ori-gen agency partners will have access to expanded markets and services in property and casualty insurance, employee benefits, and more – all with a team who treats you like family.”

Ori-gen has already begun to serve as a means for preserving and advancing longstanding businesses.

“As part of our discussion about selling my agency, Josh had explained to me his concept of ori-gen and keeping family legacies alive,” states Douglas Aihara of Aihara & Associates Insurance Services, an ori-gen company. “I thought that was such a wonderful concept as it would keep the Aihara agency name alive and continue to build on what my father and I had accomplished over the 75 years of being a part of the Japanese American insurance community. Now, a year after the sale, I have no doubts that Todd [Uyemura] and I made the right decision to sell to the right group of people.”

“My vision for ori-gen is to remember where you come from….and create a new future.” says Morey. “Diversity, legacy, and community are at the core of our company’s mission, and when I eventually pass the baton, I hope that our diverse communities are in a better place than when I started.”

To learn more, visit www.ori-gen.com. The company can also be followed on LinkedIn for upcoming updates and announcements.

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