Toshiro Mifune stars in Akira Kurosawa’s “The Seven Samurai,” one of 16 films on which the actor and director collaborated.

Secret Movie Club presents Akira Kurosawa’s “The Seven Samurai” (1954) on Saturday, March 25, from 7:30 to 11 p.m. at the Million Dollar Theater Movie Palace, 307 S. Broadway, Los Angeles.

“‘Seven Samurai’ tells the story of a poor village of farmers who learn they’re to be raided in 40 days by bandits,” said Craig Hammill, Secret Movie Club founder and programmer. “These raids bring violence, destruction and worse. This time the villagers, upon the advice of their elder, go to hire samurai. Ultimately they get seven samurai who agree to protect the village for nothing more than three bowls of rice a day. No fame. No glory. No reward other than it is the right thing to do.

“For a movie that runs 3½ hours long, there is not one scene, one moment, one ounce of fat. The movie flies by, has you on the edge of your seat, and yet still finds a way to explore human complexity in as profound a way as any movie has.

“Kurosawa famously made ‘Seven Samurai’ because he felt that cinema should be a rich meal. Though it took him over a year and many fights with the studio, Kurosawa eventually made the movie many feel is one of the ten greatest pictures ever made.

“It also boasts one of Toshiro Mifune’s greatest performances as a Kikuchiyo, a wild vagabond who forces himself upon the samurai, and ultimately plays one of the most pivotal roles in the ensuing conflict.

“This is a movie meant to be seen on 35mm. On the big screen. Join us.”

Tickets are $14-$16. To purchase online, go to:

Parking is available at the Grand Central Market Parking Structure at the corner of 3rd and Hill streets (entrance on Hill) and at various lots. A limited number of $6 all-day parking passes are available for purchase via add-ons.

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