Dr. Susan Kamei gave her perspective on the wartime incarceration of Japanese Americans as she shares her book, “When Can We Go Back to America?” (Photos by ELLEN ENDO/Rafu Shimpo)

By ELLEN ENDO, Rafu Shimpo

On an easy-going Saturday evening, April 15, the USC Nikkei Student Union took a serious look at “Finding Family” during Nikkei Culture Night on campus.

Focused on the theme, “Finding Family,” the event brought students and alums together to delve into a historical overview of Japanese American history. Visitors also tried their hand at origami crane-folding and sampling boba.

Faculty advisor and author Dr. Susan Kamei guided the program along with University of Southern California Nikkei Student Union leaders Maria Barquera and Logan Yamamoto, who co-chaired the event.

The origami-folding is an attempt to create 1,000 cranes for the upcoming Manzanar Pilgrimage on Saturday, April 29, and broaden visitors’ understanding of Japanese American history.

Kamei discussed how the unconstitutional, racially based incarceration occurred during World from her award-winning book, “When Can We Go Back to America?”

USC freshman Asia Gaines explains the display during her presentation on Japanese American history.

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