Many actors are supporting the Writers Guild of America strike by joining members on the picket line. Pictured on May 11 at Netflix in Hollywood are (from left) screenwriter and playwright Hilly Hicks, actor Kurt Sanchez Kanazawa, director Tricia Lee, and actor-playwright Jeanne Sakata.

“It has been great to see and feel the solidarity among many AAPI creatives in the entertainment industry as we’ve joined the picket lines of the WGA strike in the last few weeks,” said Sakata. “We have been marching with them in full support of their demand for fair wages, for contracts that guarantee a decent standard of living and job security, and for the respect, recognition, and dignity they deserve.

“At the same time, we AAPI actors who belong to SAG-AFTRA recognize that the WGA’s fight is our fight as well, as we face some of the same issues — lower pay for longer hours, or the threat of AI upending or even eliminating our work, and more. I hope that SAG-AFTRA will continue to support the WGA as our own negotiations with the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) begin.”

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