MONROVIA — Hikari Japanese Academy, a leading provider of Japanese language and cultural education, announces the launch of its fall Japanese conversation classes.

The classes aim to provide a dynamic and immersive learning experience for anyone interested in the Japanese language and exploring the richness of Japanese culture.

Designed for students of all proficiency levels, the Japanese Conversation and the Nihongo Salon classes offer a unique curriculum that emphasizes practical communication skills. Through engaging activities, interactive discussions, and real-life scenarios, students will gain the confidence and fluency necessary to converse in Japanese.

“We are excited to introduce our Japanese Conversation and Nihongo Salon classes, which focus on creating a stimulating environment for students to actively practice and enhance their conversational skills,” said Bryan Takeda, a founder and CEO of Hikari Japanese Academy. “Our goal is to encourage individuals to communicate effectively in Japanese while fostering a deep appreciation for Japanese culture.”

All classes are led by experienced native Japanese instructors who possess a wealth of knowledge and a passion for teaching. Their expertise ensures that students receive personalized attention and guidance throughout their language-learning journey.

In addition to language instruction, Hikari Japanese Academy offers cultural elements to provide students with a holistic understanding of Japan. Students can explore various aspects of Japanese culture, including traditional customs, festivals, and etiquette, thereby enriching their language skills and deepening their appreciation for Japanese society.

Class sizes are limited to eight students to promote an intimate and interactive learning environment. Students will have ample opportunities to practice their conversational skills, receive individualized feedback, and engage in meaningful discussions with their classmates.

Hikari Japanese Academy also offers comprehensive courses to accommodate the diverse needs of students. Morning, afternoon, and evening online classes are available, allowing individuals with busy lifestyles to find a time slot that suits them best.

To celebrate the launch of the Japanese Conversation Class, Hikari Japanese Academy is offering free registration to all enrollees. Interested individuals are encouraged to call (626) 396-9927 or visit for more information and to reserve their spot.

Hikari Japanese Academy is an innovative language institute based in Pasadena. With a team of experienced instructors, it provides comprehensive and immersive language programs to students of all ages and levels, fostering a deep appreciation for the Japanese language and culture.

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