JAO Invitational Girls’ Basketball League

2012 Winter Schedule – as of 12/15/11
Schurr High – Small Gym

January 8, 2012
10:00 WLA Thunder vs Saberette Comets
11:00 Venice Wildcats vs Mustang Blasters
12:00 Tigerettes Roar vs HD Dolphins
1:00 Tiger Starz vs Evergreen Angels
2:00 SF Swish vs Bruins Hoop Stars

January 15, 2012
12:00 SF Swish vs Venice Wildcats
1:00 Tiger Starz vs Mustang Blasters
2:00 Evergreen Angels vs HD Dolphins
3:00 Tigerettes Roar vs WLA Thunder
4:00 Saberette Comets vs Bruins Hoop Stars

January 22, 2012
10:00 SF Swish vs Tiger Starz
11:00 Evergreen Angels vs Mustang Blasters
12:00 Tigerettes Roar vs Saberette Comets
1:00 Bruins Hoop Stars vs HD Dolphins
2:00 WLA Thunder vs Venice Wildcats

January 29, 2012
12:00 Venice Wildcats vs Tigerettes Roar
1:00 Saberette Comets vs HD Dolphins
2:00 Mustang Blasters vs Bruins Hoop Stars
3:00 Tiger Starz vs WLA Thunder
4:00 Evergreen Angels vs SF Swish

February 5
10:00 Saberette Comets vs Mustang Blasters
11:00 SF Swish vs WLA Thunder
12:00 Tigerettes Roar vs Tiger Starz
1:00 Venice Wildcats vs HD Dolphins
2:00 Bruins Hoop Stars vs Evergreen Angels

February 12
12:00 Tiger Starz vs Venice Wildcats
1:00 WLA Thunder vs Bruins Hoop Stars
2:00 SF Swish vs Tigerettes Roar
3:00 Evergreen Angels vs Saberette Comets
4:00 Mustang Blasters vs HD Dolphins

February 19
12:00 WLA Thunder vs Mustang Blasters
1:00 Tiger Starz vs Saberette Comets
2:00 Venice Wildcats vs Evergreen Angels
3:00 SF Swish vs HD Dolphins
4:00 Tigerettes Roar vs Bruins Hoop Stars

February 26
10:00 Venice Wildcats vs Bruins Hoop Stars
11:00 WLA Thunder vs Evergreen Angels
12:00 Tiger Starz vs HD Dolphins
1:00 SF Swish vs Saberette Comets
2:00 Tigerettes Roar vs Mustang Blasters

March 4
12:00 Venice Wildcats vs Saberette Comets
1:00 Tiger Starz vs Bruins Hoop Stars
2:00 Tigerettes Roar vs Evergreen Angels
3:00 WLA Thunder vs HD Dolphins
4:00 SF Swish vs Mustang Blasters

March 11
10:00 9th vs 10th
11:00 7th vs 8th
12:00 5th vs 6th
1:00 3rd vs 4th
2:00 1st vs 2nd

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  1. Where are the rest of the standings for the season?? You only posted up to week four. We are all waiting for you to update.