Kenny Endo

ALISO VIEJO —  Master percussionists blend the sounds of Japanese taiko, Indian tabla and Latin timbale into a unique and exciting rhythm in “Uncommon Time” on Saturday, Feb. 4, at 8 p.m. at the Soka Performing Arts Center, Soka University, 1 University Dr.

This collaboration calls for three percussionists from three different musical traditions to come together to each compose a new work, based in the composer’s own aesthetic but “orchestrating” to incorporate all three musicians’ styles and instrumentations.

Each of the musicians has achieved mastery in his own genre — Kenny Endo in taiko, Abhijit Banerjee on tabla, and John Santos on Latin percussion. Each is an experienced composer, and they all share a passion for exploring musical collaborations across genres and cultural backgrounds. Their sophisticated and complex percussion rhythms take the drum to center stage.

Unlike other percussion exchanges that most often resemble virtuosic jam sessions, the goal of this project is to create three new and integrated works, each referencing its roots but creating a synthesis that embraces them all.

“I propose to bring three percussionists together for a world rhythm collaboration which would include a commission to compose, a rehearsal period, and performance tour,” said Endo. “Each of the three artists will compose a new work for the three percussionists, resulting in three new works, each with a different aesthetic base while integrating the three diverse percussion styles. The three artists receive equal billing, equal compensation, and make equal contributions to the project.”

The performance will consist of the three artists playing as a group, in duets, and as soloists. In addition to the new works, the artists will bring in other pieces (solo or group) to complete a full evening show. In addition to performances, the tour will offer lecture-demonstrations, workshops, and master classes by the artists.

For directions and ticket information, go to:–abhijit-bannerjee–john-santos—uncommon-time–taiko,-tabla–timbale.aspx

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