By traci kato-kiriyama


Little Tokyo
names try to capture meaning
we lasso J-Town

shall there come a time
Walmart asks for permission
neighbors see through screens

boundless neighborhood
home not marked by lines, but by
regions of the heart


(JA / Nikkei…)

Camp Musubi kids
come to feast on histories
create new futures

Katarou workshop
extraordinary Nikkei
generations mix

the foolish dances
trepidation at Obon
by the fools who watch



Dad in happi coat
grin wide as Obon circles
best self, realized

he’d be eighty one
similar whispers mark time
a father’s birthday

June; a Father’s Day
July; a Father’s Birthday
August; fathers pass

traci kato-kiriyama writes from Gardena and is grateful for things like Obon, the Katarou Histories program, Camp Musubi and the markings of time… Opinion expressed are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.

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