NEW ORLEANS — As Hurricane Isaac hit Louisiana this past week, JACL Executive Director Emeritus Floyd Mori received reports from New Orleans of the hurricane’s impact on chapter members.

Hurricane Isaac at 10 a.m. CDT on Aug. 29. (National Hurricane Center)

Record rains along with high winds caused power outages in most of the New Orleans metro area. Mori said that power outages, which affected 700,000 in the southern part of the state, were not expected to be restored for three to five days.  While there was some water damage, little flooding occurred in New Orleans proper.

The hardest-hit area was Plaquemines Parish just south of the city, where levees were breached by high waters. Over 100 rescues were made and homes were buried in high water levels.

Jennifer Vu, New Orleans JACL president, reported some water damage to her home, as did Tap Bui.

There was no mandatory evacuation order, and most residents did not leave the area. Attempts were being made to gather seniors and infants in the east of New Orleans. John Hoa-Nguyen of New Orleans said, “I am afraid that seniors and infants may not be able to last very long.”

Mori continues to monitor the situation, and will provide updates. “It was only 7 years ago when they suffered the worst hurricane disaster in history,” he said, referring to Katrina. “May nature be kinder this time.”

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