West Los Angeles JACL held its Aki Matsuri (Fall Festival) Boutique on Oct. 21 at Venice Japanese Community Center. Participating vendors included (above) Cute Custom Collars — comfortable cotton collars, leashes and more for dogs and cats hand-crafted and designed by Ginger Fujishige.
Spotlightbaby, a company devoted to empowering parents with the knowledge, tools, and products necessary to help their babies reach their full development potential.
The Little Tokyo Library Quilters with the Manji Raffle Quilt. Proceeds from the raffle to go the Little Tokyo Branch Library.
A display by ceramics-wheel instructor and artist Yasuko Ozawa of the Summer Studios Arts Academy.
Carolyn Sanwo of Heritage Source sells books covering such topics as Japanese American history and literature (including The Rafu’s “Proud to Serve”) and Japanese traditional and pop culture (including the book version of Hayao Miyazaki’s movie “The Secret World of Arrietty”).

Also present were:

JoAnn Kodama, Natural Imitations (flowers)

Hona-Gami, handmade cards and jewelry

Yumori Designs, handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets; semi-precious stones, pearls

Dorothy Miyake, A Touch of Glass, handmade glass jewelry

Mayo Yerington, Splat Workshop, Japanese antiques, small trinkets

Emiko Ferguson, kimono and fabric purses

A. Fuji Sushi, T-shirts

Masako Designs, custom T-shirt designs

Arnold Hansen, handmade wood trays, cutting boards, lamps

Gloria Furuken, Tomodachi, handmade kitchen towels, baby blankets, gifts

Anne Mizutani, Citron Sample Clothing

Lorraine Yamaguchi, Creative Handcrafted Gifts

Karen-Ginger, Impressions Fine Foods, gift baskets

JoAnne Oba, Japanese fabric gifts, quilts; crystal jewelry

Rosa Odow, watercolors by Rosa

Michael Nakai, T-shirts

Celia Nishimura, Creative Happenings, handmade jewelry, stationery, Yasuko scarves

Jason Ponggasam, Fat Rabbit Farm, children’s designed tees

Photos by J.K. Yamamoto/Rafu Shimpo

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